BIT's 7th World DNA and Genome Day-2016
★ Program Layout
BIT’s 7th World DNA and Genome Day-2016

Theme: Discovery Today, Innovation Tomorrow

Time: April 25-28, 2016

Venue: International Conference Center, Dalian, China

Program Layout

Cluster 1: Main Conference

Part One: Opening Ceremony and Nobel Laureate Forum

Part Two: Keynote Forum

Cluster 2: Scientific Program

Part A: The Frontier in Genome Research

Part B: Advanced Genomic and Gene Technology

Part C: Applications of Genomics and Gene Technologies Part D: The Market and Development Trend in Gene Industry
YIRF: Young Investigator's Research Forum  
Cluster 3: Nucleic Acid Forum
Forum 1: Today and Tomorrow of Nucleic Acid Industry
Forum 2: Structure and Function Research of Nucleic Acid
Forum 3: Emerging Nucleic Acid Technologies
Forum 4: Nucleic Acid for Nutrition and Health Care
Forum 5: Nucleic Acid and Immunoregulation
Forum 6: Nucleic Acid and Blood Lipid Regulation
Forum 7: Nucleic Acid for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Forum 8: Nucleic Acid for Cosmetic Industry
Forum 9: Nucleic Acid for Agriculture, Fishery and Food Industries

Cluster 4: Business Development

Industrial Sponsored Symposia

Matchmaking and Biopartnering

Lunch Showcase

Cluster 5: Posters and EXPO 

Posters Sessions

Product and Technology Exhibition

Cluster 6: Social Events  

Culture Activities-Art Performance and Show

Cocktail Social Networking

City Tour As Requested

Field Trip to Universities/Industries, and Networking Tour


Scientific Program


Part A: The Frontier in Genome Research
A1: Genomic Instability and DNA Repair
A2: Structural and Functional Genomics
A3: Evolutionary, Conservative Genomics and Ecogenomics
A4: Toxicogenomics& Nutritional Genomics
A5: Metabolomics, Glycomics and Lipidomics
A6: RNA Modification
A7: Single Cell Genomics &Transcriptomics
A8: Synthetic Genomics
A9: Three dimensional genomics

Part B:Advanced Genomic and Gene Technology
B1: Current and Emerging Sequencing Technologies
B2: Gene Testing and Molecular Diagnostic Technologies
B3: Cell Engineering and Gene Engineering Technology
B4: Bioinformatics, Computational and Statistical Genomics
B5: Big Data in Genomics
B6: RNAi and MicroRNA

Part C: Applications of Genomics and Gene Technologies
C1: Cancer and Diseases Genomics and Their Applications
C2: Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
C3: Clinical Genomics and its Applications
C4: Genomicsand Reproductive Health
C5: Next Generation Sequencing in Drug R&D
C6: Metagenomics and Health
C7: Gene and Beauty & Longevity
C8: Forensic Genomics and its Applications
C9: Gene Technology and Global Food Crisis
C10: Applications of Genomics in Environment and Ecological Conservation

Part D: The Market and Development Trend in Gene Industry
D1: Global Gene Industry Market Dynamics and Opportunities
D2: Prospects Analysis of Investment and Financing in the Gene Industry
D3: The New Opportunity of Gene Industry in "Made in China 2025"
D4: Cooperation and Development in Gene Industry among the Cities along OBOR
D5: How to Integrate BT and IT for BuildingInternet + Gene Industry?
D6: Wearable Technologies and mHealth
D7: New Smart Health Care and Medical Robots
D8: 3D Printing for Biomedical Applications
D9: Informatization and Intellectualization for Biotechnology Companies and Biomedicine

YIRF: Young Investigator's Research Forum
Overseas Cooperate Medias and Journals
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Nobel Across China

The "Nobel Across China Program" aims to encourage young scientists to learn the frontier knowledge and strengthen the scientific information exchange, to generate impact on basic research in life science between China and the rest of the world.

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