The 11th Annual World DNA Day (WDD-2023)

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of James Watson and Francis Crick's publication of the DNA double helix structure in the journal of《Nature》, the U.S. government designated April 25 as National DNA Day of every year in 2003, and held various celebrations. The scientific community of various countries also holds celebrations on this day every year. Mr. Yusong Chen and Dr. Xiaodan Mei launched the "World DNA Day" in China on April 25, 2005, and established a permanent venue for the event in Dalian to celebrate this international festival. It aims to promote the progress of biotechnology and industrial development in China and even the world through the introduction of international advanced intelligence in large quantities. With the help of this celebration, we will try our best to create an international biotechnology event and create an Olympics or Bio-Davos in the field of biotechnology. We hope that by holding such high-level international exchange activities, it will promote the development of the national bio-economy, accelerate the transformation of bio-tech achievements, promote the introduction of high-end talents, strengthen international academic exchanges and cooperation, encourage the younger generation to love life science, and promote bio-tech to the general public, to build a unique platform for industry-university-research-business peer making, achievement and technology display, career development, and commercial opening for the biological industry.

Noble Laureate Forum


The 11th World DNA Day

- Grand Celebrations of 70th Anniversary of Discovered DNA Double Helix

Structure and 20th Anniversary of HGP Completion

April 25-28, 2023 | Dalian, China

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum
April 25, 2023

● Speech from Global Prize Laureates
● Speech from Top Biotech Industries
● Speech from World Academician
● Speech from China Biomed Park Leaders
● Vision of Future Biotechnology from Industrial Leaders
● Master Dialogs on Future of Life Sciences

Branded Event 1: Noble Laureate Forum

- Hall of Fame for Discovers and Innovators

April 25-28, 2023 | Dalian, China

Nobel Across China" was launched in 2003. It has received extensive attention and support from the "Nobel Laureates Forum", Nobel Cross Campus" and "Face-to-Face with Nobel Laureates." 58 Nobel Prize Laureates and 300 worldwide academicians and other award winners, more than 100K Bio Professionals have joined this project in the past fifteen years. From 2021, we expand this project to "1000 Laureates of 1000 Awards Across China", which will invite thousand of worldwide prestigious Scientific awardees to China to share their innovations, discoveries and milestone breakthroughs and forge collaborations. We aim to bring the creative spirits and ideas to China for motivating our young generations to catch up the frontier knowledge and to gain deeper insights into the disruptive scientific innovation.
Nobel Laureates of Previous Conferences


Special Events


Joint Satellite Clustering Meetings

This joint Events will consist of 20 parallel Scientific meetings from BIT Group. Each meeting lasts for 4 days and cover 120-160 oral presentations to cover current hot topics in global Bioindustries. Both parties will synergize each scientific talent resources to integrate themes, add value to each other, and Matchmaking for the potential international collaborations in Life Science Innovations.


Emerging Hot Biotech Expo

-Accelerating New Growth Drivers to Replace Old Ones

April 25-28, 2023 | Dalian, China

World Bio-industry Expo

-Decoding Life for Better Healthcare of Humankind

April 25-28, 2023 | Dalian, China

Zone A1: Stem Cell Tech Zone B1: Bio-IT/Health-IT and Medical Informatics Products Zone C1: Medical Imaging Tech
Zone A2: Molecular and Cell Biology Tech & Products Zone B2: Separation & Purification Tech Zone C2: Orthopedic Products
Zone A3: Immunotherapy Zone B3: Tissue Engineering Zone C3: Smart Biosensors
Zone A4: NGS, Gene and Genome Editing Zone B4: Cell Tech and Therapy Zone C4: New Medi-Tech
Zone A5: Synthetic Biology Zone B5: Gene Therapy Zone C5: Medical Devices
Zone A6: Bioanalysis and Lab Automation Zone B6: Antibody, Vaccine and Technologies Zone C6: Lab Devices and Equipment


Cultural and Social Events

Glamour Gala-Dinner and

Cultural Activities

Dalian Sea-Mountain Gala-Dinner

Welcome Speeches

Art Shows

● Art Performance

● Song and Dance Show (Invited)

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